Samuel Catley

Unity Gameplay Developer


Hi, I'm Sam.

I am a Unity Gameplay Developer with 3+ years experience, that's not including the countless evening hours I spend creating my own games and improving my knowledge.

A lot of my experience thus far has been through mobile casual and WebGL games, however if that's not what you're looking for, don't let that put you off.

I am an extremely quick learner and am confident I will be able to create any type of game you desire on multiple platforms. I get most of my enjoyment out of prototyping, treading new ground, trying new technologies and debugging.


Anonymous Colleague:

Sam brings new experience and solutions for intricate tasks to the table and explains them in a clear and concise manner for peer review.

He takes on feedback and improves his solution accordingly.

He has also taken existing coding principles and implementations and made them his own, a great example of this is the Queue system within an existing in house framework. This hated coding approach has single handedly turned into a well loved feature of the framework.

He is always open minded about solutions and new concepts and challenges old code bases to see if he can improve them and has shown time and time again that this is not just talk and can back up what he says with clean and elegant code solutions.

He is a great team member to have on any team.

For more reviews / recommendations, check out my LinkedIn Profile and scroll down to "Recommendations".


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Game Projects

Affirmation Game

Calming the mind.

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This affirmation game will slow down your busy mind. It will start with circles spawning faster and slowing down over time, alongside this, there are affirmations showing at the top of the game, these messages will be absorbed by your subconscious to start with, as the circles slow down, your attention will be more focused on the affirmations. Over time, the affirmations will instill positive thought behaviour, allowing you to be calmer, plus think more clearly in many situations.

Unity Portfolio

Original Portfolio using as a showcase for my work.

This project was originally the portfolio that you're looking at. I created it to showcase my work and also as a playground to test new ideas for future games.

Standout features: Changes the weather by inputting nearest city to you, and gets a weather report, then applies it within the game, supported weathers: Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Overcast and Thunderstorm.

I talk to the API through a Unity / JS Bridge or API which is implemented within my own WebGL Template.

For development, I have implemented a WebSocket Server within the Unity Project itself, this connects to a frontend project which talks to the API through JS, then sends messages over the websocket.

This game has a day / night cycle which responds to the current time.

This also has rolling credits at the end which reference all assets used.

Future features I plan to add:

Replace the "Interact" stone, with a wolf you can talk to, using a Dialogue system, with several branches of conversation.

... and more.

This is a continuous project which I will update over time, it's always worth a look!

Other Projects

Modern building architecture
Ask Sam

Post an anonymous question and let it be answered by the wisdom of the universe.

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This app was actually a playground project to get familiar with Vue and a backend.

It has two frontend webapps, one is accessible to the public (for posting questions), the other is only accessible to staff through a login page, here staff will answer all questions.

Once you have submitted a question, you may come back to this page at any time to check if it has been answered, if it has, it will show the answer.

The user may ask as many questions as they like.

This project uses Vue, NodeJS, Express, Express Router, MongoDB, Mongoose, Cookie Parser and Axios.

Modern building architecture
This portfolio

A place to showcase all of my games and apps.

GitHub Logo

This portfolio was created to showcase both my games and apps.

I utilised this project to learn Svelte and Tailwind CSS which has been a very successful experience.

If you would like the full experience of my portfolio, please check out my Unity Portfolio here.

Modern building architecture
Exercise Trainer

A visual timer, customisable sections of time and activities. What more could you want?

GitHub Logo

The idea for this app was spawned whilst jogging with my partner.

We wanted an app where we could say plan our running journey with sections of walking and running, to build up endurance.

You can create as many sets as you like, containing different activities of different lengths.

You may increase or decrease the time in minutes or seconds, for fine-tuning.

This app was built with React and Ionic.

This app may appear in Google Play Store in the near future.

Modern building architecture
Music Visualizer

A way for us to see music.

GitHub Logo

This was one of my first projects when I was self learning to create WebApps.

I was drawn to creating a music visualiser since the days of Windows Media Player, when it had an inbuilt music visualiser, back in Windows XP.

The project was built using P5.js, controlling the visual lines through the different audio bands.